What is

LGL Tracer Renderer

LGL Tracer Renderer is a completely web-based path tracing renderer

With fast approximation and high performance optimization, you can use it in many scenes where high quality results are required

Here is an example of gltf viewer based on lglTracer, You will be amazed by the results, just try it~

lglTracer now also supports dynamic transformation of objects and material editing. A small editor example combined with realtime rendering (threejs) is also provided here

you can switch to lglTracer after editing in real-time rendering to check the synchronization, try it too~

Classic Demo



origin scene

(about 22Mb)

compress scene

(about 2Mb, ignore texture)

Model Sourse Link


Model Sourse Link


RenderMan Teapot

Model Sourse Link

Path Tracer

BVH(SAH) Acceleration, Progressive Rendering, Tile Rendering, NEE, MIS

Disney BSDF

Material part implement Disney BSDF(BRDF+BTDF)


Tracer is a plug-in on top of threejs, many supported modules can be used directly (such as model/texture import)

WebGL 2.0

The core part base on native WebGL 2.0, optimized based on many features(UBO, Texture2DArray, MRT, etc.)


SVGF(Spatiotemporal Variance-Guided Filter)


Environment lighting(Importance sampling), Analytic Lights(Point,Direction,Rect,Sphere)