LGLTracer! Launch!

LGLTracer is my personal ray tracing rendering engine designed for the Web,

providing support for both WebGPU and WebGL.

Want to get amazing rendering effects on the Web? You can try LGLTracer!

WebGPU Version

LGLTracer supports dynamic scene editing. You can edit the scene under two ray tracing rendering pipelines (PT/Hybrid) and switch between the two pipelines at any time. Try out the demo!

If the scene is completely static, LGLTracer does more optimizations, so switching to large scenes no longer requires waiting for scene building time.

WebGL Version

LGLTracer provided WebGL support from the beginning, so you can also try the webgl version of the editor/viewer/demo.

Although WebGPU exists, looking at the current situation (WebXR/Mac), WebGL will continue to play a role in production environments for a long time.

Classic Demo



compress scene

(about 2Mb, ignore texture)

Model Sourse Link


Model Sourse Link


RenderMan Teapot

Model Sourse Link