LGLTracer! Launch!

LGLTracer is a ray tracing rendering engine for the Web.

It provides Editor and Viewer solutions for high-quality rendering on the Web, and supports both WebGPU and WebGL.

Just try the Editor and Viewer below, I believe you will be shocked by the potential of the Web :D

LGL Editor

LGL Editor provides many functions to support dynamic editing, so you can easily create and save your stunning scenes.


automatically switch based on hardware support


dynamically import models into the scene, and export to save your scene

History Record

support undo or redo your editing steps

Group Editing

recombine scene node relationships or regroup


dynamically add primitives, text, and envMap or analytical lights

Material Editing

dynamic material replacement, material parameter modification(BSSRDF)

LGL Viewer

LGL Viewer has been deeply optimized for static scenes to further pursue the best performance.


automatically switch based on hardware support


support mobile/pad devices(currently only through webgl)

GPU Building

load large models without waiting for build time


deep performance optimization